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30 min - R450

45 min - R60

60 min - R700

80 min - R950



60 min - R1250

(min -2 people, Atlantic Seaboard  & CBD area)

Sport's massage GIFT VOUCHERS



Other services: Hypnotherapy

Mental-health.  Free consultation. (Hypnotherapy is a gentle yet powerful form of behavior modification therapy that works directly with your subconscious mind. Almost any issue can be addressed for the changes you want to see in your life.)

01. Shifts

What to expect

Ur body speaks in an honest language of feelings, so you will not miss the feedback. 

The lightness and relaxation are good signs. With every session, muscles become softer and more responsive to the treatment. 

Next 24 hours is a Re-set time so it is recommended to skip exercises and drink a lot of water.

02. Productivity

With the deep tissue work, we are getting deeper into tight muscles, and the slight discomfort is assisted by a sense of release and improved range of motion. The main target is chronic tension that lies far below the body's surface.

03. It feels right

I am no stranger to the power of intuition. 
When asked "How do you know?" I always say
 "I have no idea".

Because I don't - my hands do.

Consent form

You can read it here or I will send you a file later

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