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Freshly graduated at 2012, and still considered as a student for a language program Work & Travel I went to Cape Town to learn English.  Despite the designated period of 3-month, I ended up staying for almost 3 years, just because "who wants to leave Cape Town?"

January 2015: back to Russia right into a -35 degree winter. Only to realize that it doesn't feel like home anymore. The wrong place and the wrong job as a self-diagnose.

Another three years passed before the plan was built: come back to CT to start again with professional happiness as an underscore.  Where do I start? What am I good at? The only thing I knew was permanent in my life was running.

And that's how this path has begun: a personal training course combined with the sport's massage training. 11 months of full-time study, and another 14 months of working in a sports massage studio as a therapist. Eventually, the previous diagnosis was in the past. I loved this place along with my job. The weird 2020 brought me to the point of starting own practice...

happily ever after.

My next chapter is about the combination of body and mind all together, and this one I started to walk recently, but it feels like a found "main road."

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